Restaurant Dining Mykonos


Embrace every moment

CROCO is the go-to for the island’s shiny happy people to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner. Inspired by the surrounding nature and landscape, we offer all-day, Haute but unpretentious, dining in Mykonos with a symphony of flavours paired with the perfect wines and cocktails.

In a globalised world that is increasingly lacking in authenticity, our signature cuisine combines local produce with creativity and a touch of culinary genius, to woo your palates and seduce your senses. Take your pick as the mood strikes!

Enjoy the white-glove treatment


let yourselves be tempted


Edible happiness is served poolside from morning till late at CROCO. Designed by Chef George Kappatos to reflect the cosmopolitan nature of the Mediterranean, our curated snack, lunch and dinner menus fuse handpicked, seasonal raw materials with ethnic and Asian-inspired textures, flavours, accents and techniques. Balance is as key as authenticity – and while pretentiousness has no place on our table, we welcome surprises and mouthwatering twists.
Striving for harmony, our philosophy is to allow the finest and most original ingredients to shine at their best. A salad, something informal, perhaps some artisanal-grilled meat or fish and seafood straight from the port. Our recipe for an unforgettable Mykonos summer.