CROCO Mykonos Luxury Hotel


Designed for those who love Mykonos’ hedonistic spoils, but are at the same time looking for a most exclusive escape, CROCO is a paradigm of refined luxury – the kind of place where you can refuel, reset and celebrate life at an exceptional level. More than yet another 5-star Mykonos hotel, CROCO is a destination in its own right – a small paradise within a paradise and the best place to discover (or rediscover) the authentic allure of the so-called island of the winds.

5 Star Hotel CROCO Mykonos


If there is a place where you can find yourself and connect with your significant others, this place is the 5-star CROCO Mykonos Luxury Hotel: A sophisticated hideaway with the just right dose of glamour; welcoming savvy travellers with a lust for life. 
Think timelessly chic design with subtle nods to the Mykonos legend, private verandas with Aegean views, a sea-gazing swimming pool, haute Mediterranean cuisine, epic sunset sessions and a world of pampering services. 
The hotel is also perfectly positioned for capturing Mykonos’ quintessence. Amid blue skies and seas, with spectacular sunset vistas, the hotel’s location is as postcard-pretty as it gets. It is also a short stroll away from the iconic, whitewashed Chora and some minutes’ drive away from the most beautiful beach spots of the island, from large and sandy shores to hidden small coves, but also happening beach clubs and popular restaurants.

Experience the enchantment of CROCO


A few minutes away from the iconic Mykonos Town, CROCO is integrated into its contours to enjoy unobstructed sunsets. With a sterling location and an inimitable luxury soul, this is the kind of place where you get to stay and play with the world’s haute hedonists and refined adventurers.
And while every moment here is steeped in magic, sunset sessions at CROCO Mykonos Luxury Hotel are nothing short of transcendental. Sink into plush chairs, take in the 360-degree views, and sip on mixologist-made cocktails as the sun casts ambers, pinks and oranges across the sky. Mellow music complements a constant clinking of glasses and the convivial sound of laughter as methuselahs of rosé are hurried around. Sumptuous Mediterranean flavours are as key to the experience as champagne concoctions. The mood is chic and elegant and mirrors the original spirit of Mykonos. As the sun bids farewell, claim your panoramic spot at the quintessential Mykonos Luxury Sunset Hotel and prepare to be awed by the splendour of nature.

croco mykonos


CROCO is the gateway to a Mykonos vacation full of light, sun, magnificent views, striking design and indulgent comfort in every one of its oh-so-chic rooms and throughout its opulent premises. It is also in a perfect location for exploring the wonders of the island of the winds, like the stunning blue and gold beaches, or the vibrant Mykonos Town. Book your stay now; enter a realm where luxury is a state of mind.